Sunday, May 12, 2013

Here I am sitting in my lift and toss - me - out chair in Montreal. This exercise is called "prime the pump" since I have lost the habit of contributing to this old man's biography.  I have had lots of encouragement from the best people in the world.  Catherine just sits me down, reregisters me in my blog spot and puts a picture of me up on the screen, and says, "Type two words so we can check that you can really get into your e-mail and will have limbered up your fingers enough to tell a bit of what is going on."

It has been a lovely Mother's day, starting with a great celebration among church friends and family, followed by Happy Mother's Day phone calls to the daughters and daughters-in-law, and by Happy Birthday calls to the clustered May family group: Richard, Arta, Alex.

There will now be a temporary pause.