Thursday, May 6, 2010

Revisiting Barnwell for ten days. Apr 22 -- May 5

Motivations for this visit were at least two: I had scheduled a trip with President Tony Steven to go to the Cardston Temple; and an unexpected visit to Canada by Preston who wanted to get together with his siblings and make tape recordings of their reminiscences of growing up in Barnwell. Preston came to Calgary to take Sharon and I down to Barnwell, but conflicts arose with motives (1) and (2), and a visit with Grant here in Calgary revealed that he would be unable to come with us, but would bring Sharon down with him when Arlan was able to come on Saturday. Preston returned to Barnwell to a lovely dinner, and I had a very interesting ride down with Tony on Thursday. Bev and Virginia, Preston, Molly and Nadiene met with Tony and I after the Temple session to have lunch in the Temple Cafeteria, and then Tony went back to Calgary while the rest of us traveled to Barnwell.

While we waited for Grant, Boyce, Arlan and Sharon to arrive a day or so later, we visited and taped memories, and played Rook and their finger bidding game to peels of laughter. When Molly, Nadiene and Virginia grew tired, Bev and I watched a BYU series report on the huge project initiated by Jesse of publishing all the Joseph Smith Papers. There were 52 TV episodes, all of which I saw, that were collected, edited, and rendered in readable print, which was then printed side by side with the photocopy of the original hand written documents.

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Revisiting Barnwell for ten days.

More Memories Coming Later

It is Wednesday today, May 5, 2010.

Bev and Virginia drove Bruce's wife Ruth Ann and me up to Calgary yesterday. She had a medical appointment and they had asked me to wait until Tuesday rather than take the Greyhound last Thursday.

Bev had so many Income tax forms to help his family with and the weather report is always negative. I agreed to stay the extra time which was pleasant for me.

That gave more card games to enjoy with Molly and Nadiene.

Nadiene had been working for so long on collecting photos for a history of Mother, and she rushed through the process of copying everything she and other had brought together with Preston's encouragement and Molly's help. She and Molly tried to get in on as many games as they could and we had lots of fun!

I do have a lot of things to share that happened in Barnwell.