Friday, July 22, 2011

reconnection experience

I awoke this morning to Rebecca's first use of her London telephone. Flailing around for my new phone I at first thought it was Sharon. However R's high level of enthusiasm made me say: (to Sharon) You are sure high! After R's denial that she was not on drugs, I recognized her voice and then we had a good laugh and a wondeful report on her new phone and beating Steve to its first use. Her updated report on starting her London Blog and helping Duncan do his first blog, was so interesting that I had to get up and get to my computer(?). What a wonderful read I had, both of Arta's blogs, and of Duncan's and Rebecca's blogs.

In my efforts to do my second blog of this new series, I mostly just discovered how much review and additional tutoring I need from DP. So now, having practiced a little more, I am going to get some breakfast and organize the coming week.