Saturday, August 13, 2011

my Life at the Shuswap - Part 2

Befor I continue this saga of love and Marriage, let me highlight this day which Arta initiated by laying out some chores while I still lay in bed thinking about getting up. Re-attach the handrails removed and repainted yesterday; get my new glasses; do my daily assignent of blogging my memoirs; go to supper at Mirandas. All have been attended to and I am now doing my Blogging. As I got set up to blog I ran across Richards last post to Larch Haven. That was just great, especially the pictures: Grandpa Miles Johnson worked on the rigs when they were drilling the Taber Oil fields. Drove an old madel A Ford Pickup with a passenger cabin on the back for fellow rig helpers. They didnt do any dietional drilling in those days however. I learned so much from your post Rich that I had not had explained to me before. Thanks for sharing!

As I was eating my breakfast before doing my chores I watches a TV show about icebreakers. It turned out to be one that dealt with the northwestern Arctic where I cooked for geologists and airport builders. Since I ended part one of my blog in this very same part of the arctic - Inuvik and Sachs Harbour - I excused myself for taking an hour watching it since it was a pefect way to re-enthuse myself for today's blogging chore. As Arta drove me to the optometrists to take care of my "glasses", I told her how much the documentary on the Arctic had enthused me about my blog for the day; she mentioned that today's Globe and Mail had an article on the arctic, and I promised to read it. I did; it was a brief essay called "The Arctic imprints itself on your Heart." I loved it so much that I was willing to type the whole thing into my blog for everyone to enjoy: it was so beautifully expressive of my own experience. Arta wisely said write your own essay, so I will just refer to it as published on August 13, 2011 page T4, Written by David P Silcox.

I had a wonderfull visit with Chris, Joan, Andrew and Miranda, but especially with Chris who shared so many touching experiences of his life, and I can see why Richard loves to go hunting with him: what a wonderfully genuine person he is.


  1. Here is the url for the Wilcox article Kelvin refers to in his post. Much easier to have people get to it this way, than by having Kelvin type it in, I thought.

  2. you are right dad, that is a great article! I fear that was has mostly been imprinted on my own heart is a love of jelly beans and licorice.... this inspires me to look elsewhere for my spiritual centre! :-)